YouTube Yoga

Like many American 20-something-year-olds, I do not have a steady and adequate income for remaining healthy in today’s society. This means that a lot of the information that I use to exercise comes from the internet. And, for yoga, this just so happens to be from YouTube.

I’ve been practicing yoga for a few years now–but I have yet to take a formal class. They just haven’t been practically affordable to me and any extra money that I’ve had has been spent on other things. Such as becoming a certified Reiki practitioner in the first two levels of the Usui style. Or my current venture of becoming a certified holistic healer by the end of December. To me, these things are of equal value to the betterment of myself–and, as a bonus, they can also be applied to the people closest to me which nicely fits in with my desire to help and better people’s lives. So I believe in investing in your health and future and I do have the desire to one day attend yoga classes.

But, for now, this has to do.

I’ve watched many, many different videos on YouTube in regards to yoga. (Not including the hours also spent watching YouTubers–like Jenna Marbles, who is my absolute favorite; old TV shows; music videos; various cute animal videos; etc.) In the span of the last year and a half, I’ve really started to try incorporating yoga into my every day life. My boyfriend has even gotten on board and has his own yoga mat now. So we’ve found a few favorites among the many different channels. And, if you’re looking for some new ones, you’ve come to the right place.

The first channel we really started watching every day is Chaz Rough. His channel has some basic, intermediate, and advanced level videos with an emphasis on health and strengthening. There are videos for office workers, those with anxiety, yoga for flexibility, and even videos aimed at specific health ailments such as scoliosis and addiction. He doesn’t coddle the viewer as much as some YouTubers and invites you to work through those shaking muscles to help build a toned, leaner frame. He’s also one of the few male yoga instructors, which can be an appealing way to invite men into the practice. Yoga is for everyone, not just girls! So it’s nice to see someone so knowledgeable fill that gap. He also has some personal vlogs on his channel that gives a nice touch to it. Chaz also actively speaks throughout his videos which really gives the feeling of being in his studio with him while being in the comfort of your own home.

Now this second YouTuber is my personal favorite online yogi with the handle Yoga with Adrienne. She’s fun and quirky with a yoga video for everyone. She even has a video dedicated to easing cramps and PMS symptoms–which I will personally go on record as saying that it’s the only video that’s gotten me to do yoga during those really bad days during that time of the month. She does have a fair bit of humor and commentary throughout her videos, so if that isn’t you thing, you probably won’t enjoy her much. But I am also a talkative nerd so I really enjoy her commentary. Now that’s not to say that her videos aren’t tough because they will make you sweat. But I guarantee that you’ll enjoy every second that you’re on the mat with her and her perky personality is a welcome breath of fresh air in comparison with a lot of the impersonal, stiff voice overs that a lot of yogis give to their channels. Adrienne has a series of videos dedicated to getting you on the mat everyday for at least a few minutes. there are even playlists for specific length videos if you’re pressed for time. And there are quite a bit of instructional videos on specific poses.

PsycheTruth is a channel dedicated to wellness in general. It has videos for yoga, stretching for dancers and general flexibility, dance workout videos, detoxing, massage, and reflexology. There’s a little bit of something for everybody but the yoga videos that I’ve watched on this channel are more so geared towards beginners. However, it is a great as a source of information if you’re not quite sure where to begin. From what I can tell, their videos don’t include voice overs either.

The last channel I’ll mention is the newest one that I’ve started watching–and also the most intense. It’s composed of a couple under the handle Boho Beautiful. Even though some of these videos are marked as being for beginners, they are quite difficult if you aren’t naturally very flexible or strong. My favorite videos on the channel are for yin yoga. This type of yoga involves holding specific poses for two minutes at a time. There are regular flows in between these poses, though, so it’s not as slow as you might think. The fat burning videos are very intense and may not be for everybody–Adrienne and Chaz are better choices for those, in my opinion. Boho Beautiful also offers an inside look into the vegan lifestyle and has a few videos on meditation as well. However, the yoga videos I’ve watched include voice overs as most of them are done outside.

There are many talented yogis on YouTube and these are just a few of my favorites that I’ve found along my journey. Maybe you’ll like them, too, or maybe you have some favorites of you own that you think I should check out. So, happy yoga-ing!


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